Sunday, August 19, 2012

How To Send Text Messages From Facebook to any Mobile

Send text messages from facebook to any mobile 

We always use many sites (,, for sending free text messages to mobile phone from our computer.

But it will be little boring to always login to their website and then sending messages while we are browsing on internet or chatting on facebook. What if we can send the messages using facebook and without creating any new account for free...!!

Pretty interesting isn’t it. . ?

Highlights of this free SMS Application on facebook

1. No need of creating a new account.

2. It supports the entire following top message sending websites

3. There will not be any delay in sending messages. Message will get delivered in same time that it will take when you send the messages using websites.

4. This is secure and your mobile will won’t get spammed with advertisement messages at all..!

5.  Easy to use with simple Interface.

How to use the Facebook application to send free messages

1. Just click here [] and you will directly go to the application.

This is how the application looks like


2. Now just select a website from the list of websites in which you have an account and login with the same username and password ( no need to worry, this is a secured  application )
3. Enter you Message that you want to send to your friend followed by your friend’s mobile number.

4. Now click on “send “and with in no time your message will be on your friend’s mobile....

That’s it friend’s with this trick, now you can send free text messages to mobile from facebook in the above mentioned procedure. I have tried this many times and it works in a awesome manner and it is very useful for the people who used to chat both on facebook and mobile at same time.

Hope you enjoyed the trick. It you have any doubts or problems regarding the trick just comment below and Some one of our team will help you shortly to guide you and resolve your problems.

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